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Allow me to introduce myself..........

I'm Randy. I've had a love of Hotrods and Motorcycles for as long as I can remember. I have as much fun updating my pictures as I do driving cool vehicles.

Me and "Angie"
A self-taken photo of me with Angie. This dog belongs to Jo and Bill, two very good friends in PA.
Moms bike

Here I am putting my moms bike back together after refreshening it with a new paint job.

Once again, Randy is surrounded by pretty ladies. My mom is sitting on her bike, and to my other side is my sister Candice.
OK, one more
Here's my daughter "Harlie" on the Harley. She's 11 months old.
New Chopper

This is my latest toy, I traded the purple 1930 Chevy for it, even trade. I couldn't be any happier, although I'll miss the old Chevy. 

Dyna Wide Glide

I purchased this one in 2002 when I retired from the Navy. Seven years later and it still performs flawlessly! 

Here's a garage shot, my wife's 1970 Chevy pickup that I'm still working on. It's getting close!