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Randy's Photo Page:

This gallery contains pictures of cars owned by myself, friends, and family.
All cars in this gallery are steel bodied, not kits! The owners of these beautiful cars and bikes have put a tremendous amout of time and effort in them.

Feel free to use any pics for your site, but please give credit where credit is due!

My 1930 Ford Model A coupe

My toys! If this doesn't earn braggin rights, what does?

My 2002 Dyna Wide-Glide

My lastest project, 1970 Chevy C-10

Making Progress!

A 69 Chevelle that I painted about ten years ago

Mike Medero's 625 horse 1969 Camaro

One of my cool flame jobs. You'll notice as you look at my pics that I love doing flames. I'll put them on almost anything!

This truck was hand built completely by Asa himself !

"Before" picture of Mike Medero's 1967 Chevelle 300 Sedan

After - This is one of my best paint jobs!

Envy of the neighborhood

That's my mom, and that's her Harley!

Hard at work with moms boyfriend Gary

That's me!

Hard work pays off

Wayne Hill's 11 second camaro

I painted and striped this one as a return favor (Wayne built the blown 350 in my Model A)

My friend Jeremy's 1970 Plymouth Satellite

Time for flames!

All done!

This bad truck belongs to my sister Sue.

My first hotrod when I was 21 !

Me and Zeus

This is my 1947 Chevy. I sold it recently, and miss it very much!

My 47 Chevy with it's first paint job. One of 5 different paint jobs it had while I owned it.

47 Chevy in Dupont black

Surf on dude!

A friends very large garage!

Have a weird day !